“More and more, when I single out the person who inspired me most,
I go back to my grandfather.”
James Earl Jones

Can you think of a time as a child when your father or grandfather protected you from harm’s way? We see this as a call for fathers throughout the Scriptures. Earlier this year I shared the following story in a sermon at my church.

When I was in elementary school, I was often tormented by bullies. When I was eight years old my grandfather (Papa Earl) took me to a little league baseball game. While we were getting ready for the game my grandfather recognized a bully attempting to steal my joy. He immediately ran out of his van and down the hill to defend and protect me from the bully.

As a child, I felt deeply loved and cared for by my grandfather when he protected me. As a Christian I now reflect on how great God our Father is that He sent Jesus to protect us from the destruction of our sins.

Our culture has changed since we were children. Today children and grandchildren are pushed and pulled by our culture to much more harmful behaviors and lifestyles than we experienced.

Wisconsin Family Action is fighting today to protect the innocence of children, just as our fathers and grandfathers fought to protect us. Would you please consider partnering with us on this objective? We currently have generous donors offering a flash matchthat expires this Sunday, which will double all donations received from this email up to $20,000.

Fathers and grandfathers have a God-given role to strengthen families, faith, and culture. When dads stand in to protect their children, generational change can happen.

Financially supporting Wisconsin Family Action in honor of your father or grandfather is believing in, investing in, and furthering not only the strength of fathers but also all that God has called them to be. 

Additionally, when you give in your father’s or grandfather’s honor, you will have the opportunity to leave a thankful thought or memory in the comment section which we will share on social media with a first name, as a way to give public praise to the man who raised you.

Will join our family in honoring your grandfather(s)? CLICK HERE to contribute today!

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