Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

In just hours the Supreme Court of the United States will begin to hear oral arguments regarding the redefinition of marriage as we know it and God ordained it — between one man and one woman.

Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, took a stand in defense of marriage this week, affirming that “we, the people” should be the ones to decide this issue at the ballot box, state by state – not a liberal-heavy panel of judges.

From Family Research Council:

Even more moderate Republicans like Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisc.), who is usually more reluctant to speak up on the issue, joined the pack. “Let me be clear, I believe marriage is between one man and one woman,” he announced, before cataloguing his efforts on Wisconsin’s marriage amendment. “I still hold out hope that the Supreme Court will rule, as has been the tradition in the past, that the states are the places that get to define what marriage is. If for some reason they don’t … I believe it’s reasonable for the people of America to consider a constitutional amendment that would affirm the ability of states to do just that.”

“What an encouraging statement from Governor Walker on this very important issue,” says Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, “I especially appreciate that he’s opening the dialogue about a possible federal constitutional amendment. We need to keep that in mind. The Supreme Court doesn’t have to the final word on marriage, just as the Governor notes.”

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