The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) released its second annual report comparing school academic performance across Wisconsin, apples to apples.  In this new peer-reviewed study, control variables—such as student economic status and demographics—are included to level the playing field and make the clearest possible comparisons between schools for policymakers and parents.

Also included for the first time is WILL’s Performance Ranking, which ranks the performance of every K-12 school in the state from all sectors while controlling for socio-economic status. The report shows that schools participating in the Parental Choice Programs are doing quite well in several areas.

Read more HERE.

WFA president Julaine Appling sends accolades, “Thanks to WILL for doing this analysis of school performance data. Its release is very timely since the deadline for parents to apply to be part of one of the parental choice programs—the voucher programs—is this Friday. It’s good to see these private schools that are so often maligned by liberals doing well in their first priority: educating children.”

CLICK HERE to visit the Department of Instruction Online Parent Application for School Choice.

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