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Aaron Rodriguez writing for Right Wisconsin, “On Friday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers chose to avoid a major controversy by replacing a Christmas tree in the Capitol rotunda with its more abstract cousin, the ‘Holiday tree.’ 

“Of course, the tree itself isn’t actually being replaced. It’s being renamed with the apparent hope that when people see it, they won’t be reminded that it’s the Christmas season.” Read the rest of the article HERE.

Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) introduced a resolution this week declaring the tree the Wisconsin State Christmas Tree. The Republican-controlled Assembly passed the same resolution in 2007 but the proposal died in Senate. Krug’s resolution can’t pass before Christmas. The Assembly had its last 2019 floor session on Tuesday.

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Related to the issue of Christianity, this past Tuesday on a bipartisan vote of 86-9, the state Assembly passed a resolution (AR 16) recognizing Thanksgiving week as National Bible Week in Wisconsin. All 9 no votes were from Democrats. The resolution notes that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt first declared National Bible Week in 1941 and that at that time, the National Bible Association read passages on the air at NBC between radio broadcasts during Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7, 1941. The resolution states that reading the Bible has contributed to the molding of the spiritual, moral, and social fiber of our state’s citizenry.

WFC president Julaine Appling comments, “In the over twenty years of my involvement with the state legislature, I’ve never seen a resolution like this one. I appreciate greatly Representative Paul Tittl’s leadership on this and the support of so many other representatives. It’s instructive and sad to note that the majority of the no votes came from some of the most outspoken supporters of abortion and the LGBT agenda.”

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