From Family Research Council:

In yesterday’s opinion in EWTN v. Burwell, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals caused double the damage by rejecting a clear religious liberty claim and trying to save the HHS contraception mandate at the same time. This is not the court’s job. It was supposed to objectively analyze a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) claim, which it not only rejected in an attempt to set religious liberty back in time, but then jumped through hoops to justify the government’s contraception and abortion-related services scheme which wasn’t even passed by Congress and instead was imposed by executive fiat.

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Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling responds, “This federal court of appeals decision is chilling and is a good reminder that we never know when a case involving religious freedom will be in Wisconsin. The judicial philosophy of judges matters. This April we elect a justice to our state Supreme Court. Our religious freedom could hang in the balance. Christians need to get educated on the candidates before it’s too late.”

Wisconsin Family Action invites you to visit your ELECTION CENTRAL. Be prepared, be responsible. CLICK HERE.


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