The midterm elections are less than a week away, and we need every Christian in Wisconsin to make their voice heard. With a growing crime rate, high inflation, poor educational outcomes, and continuous attacks on parental rights, so much is at stake. By electing the right leaders, and voting out those who have demonstrated their incompetence, we can change the trajectory of our state. 

First and foremost, Gov. Evers needs to be replaced. WFA has compiled a “refrigerator list” of all that he’s done that Christians should oppose. It includes the following: 

  • Issued Executive Order that Pride flag be flown over Capitol in June each year. 
  • Vetoed every pro-life bill he’s been given (twice.) 
  • Vetoed every election reform bill he’s been given. 
  • Vetoed every vaccine discrimination bill he’s been given. 
  • Issued an illegal extension of his 60-day COVID-related Emergency Declaration and Executive Order.
  • Issued executive orders requiring gender-specific pronouns or gender-specific family terms (such as mother, father, sister, brother, etc.) not be used within the executive branch (EO #121).
  • Issued proclamation for so-called “Pride Month.” 
  • Vetoed a classroom transparency bill that would require schools to share curriculum, lessons plans and assignments with parents, so they know what their kids were being taught.
  • Vetoed a bill that would have stopped CRT from being taught in public schools. 
  • Supports/pushes legalization of recreational marijuana. 
  • Vetoed every bill related to protecting religious freedom during COVID.
  • Vetoed a bill that would have expanded school choice (AB 59). 
  • Vetoed a bill that would have eliminated personal property tax (AB 191).
  • Vetoed a series of bills that would have directed COVID-19 relief money in specific amounts to specific entities.
  • Approved, unilaterally, sports betting (online on casino property) in Wisconsin. 
  • Approved, unilaterally, the first off-reservation casino in WI (Beloit) .
  • Issued proclamation for Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov. 2021).
  • Proposed largest spending budget in state’s history. 
  • Failed to send National Guard into Kenosha during Jacob Blake riots; engulfed city in riots & civil unrest for 3 days. Resulting in loss of 3 lives, $11M in destruction in a poor, multi-racial commercial area.
  • Gave Planned Parenthood of WI $2.4 million of taxpayer money from the COVID relief funds.

If Evers remains in office, he will continue to advance his radical pro-abortion, anti-family, and anti-Christian agenda. He has vetoed numerous bills that were popular among Wisconsinites and would have greatly benefited our state. Some of those bills would have protected children from radical indoctrination, ensured the integrity of our elections, and protected the unborn. 

Further, Evers’ prolonged school lockdowns and his silence while teachers’ unions kept schools closed d to a sharp decline in students’ scores. Wisconsin families deserve better. 

Tim Michels is challenging Evers, and he has vowed to support and even expand school choice, protect the unborn, back the blue, and protect the integrity of our elections. 

This is more than a matter of personal preference; these issues carry tremendous moral weight, meaning our votes do as well. For Christians, voting for a candidate with a progressive, anti-family agenda like Evers does not seem to us to be a viable option. We have a duty to elect a governor who will uphold our God-given rights, support life, and honor the will of the people. Michels, from our perspective, is the only moral choice. 

Like Evers, Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul failed to do his job and has pandered to his political allies instead of defending Wisconsin law. In June, Kaul and Evers filed a lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court alleging Wisconsin’s law that criminalizes most abortions is not enforceable. Kaul maintained that laws that Republicans have passed mostly over the last fifty years negate the 1849 law.

“Unfortunately, this kind of political pandering and unwillingness of Evers and Kaul to do their job has come with the highest cost: loss of life. From the Kenosha riots in 2020, to the Waukesha parade attack in 2021, to Milwaukee’s murder rate sitting at 5 times the national average, and now the life of the unborn. Not enforcing our laws has real life consequences to Wisconsin citizens’ safety and security – true law enforcement should be the top priority,” said WFA President Julaine Appling.

 Last week, during a debate with Republican challenger Eric Toney, Kaul doubled down on his decision to file that lawsuit, while Toney pledged to enforce the law. “We needed an attorney general, that’s not going to pick and choose when to enforce the rule of law, even if they disagree,” Toney said. He is absolutely right. We need an attorney general who will prioritize the rule of law over his own personal political interests. 

Further, like Evers, Kaul has vowed to fight for abortion access, support public schools to the exclusion of  school choice, expand gun control, and much more. Toney, on the other hand, supports the Parental Bill of Rights and wants to enforce Wisconsin’s abortion ban. For Christians, the most ethical choice is clear. 

Lastly, Republican Ron Johnson is challenging Democrat Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin’s US Senate seat, and the right choice seems clear again. Unlike Barnes, Johnson wants to empower parents to take control of their children’s education, secure our borders, fight inflation, and protect the unborn. 

God calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matt. 22:39). One of the best ways to do that is to care for the spiritual and temporal lives of our neighbors by voting for candidates who will protect the unborn, support God’s plan for marriage and family, and protect children from immoral influences. 

To learn more about each of the candidates and where they stand on the most important issues, visit this link. Get informed, spread the word to friends and family, and cast a vote that aligns with biblical principles. Every vote matters and can make a difference. Too much is at stake to stay home. 

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