Double Honor for Fathers

Double Honor for Fathers


Matching Gift Campaign

Earlier this summer we had a campaign entitled “Double Honor for Fathers”. Not only did we meet and exceeded our goal, we also heard from so many who wrote how important their fathers are to them. We’ll be posting more, so check back! (click here to donate now)

A husband and father of our 3 grown children; grandfather of 13 and great-grandfather of 6. Thanking him for his good provision and example as a Christian. From his loving wife! – Marylynn Menzel

A husband & father who loves his wife and children. One who plays & prays! Who is kind, gentle, rich in faith. Loving the Lord his God—who is Christ Jesus—first & foremost. God gives the perfect balance & order for a peaceful home & secure children. – Vickie Gertz

Robert E. Lochner – the influence of a good and loving father does not end with his death. – Thomas R. Lochner

My late husband, Paul Charles Schroeder, who went home to the Lord, March 2, 2011. Paul’s heart was for our Father in Heaven, first, then for his 7 adult children, over 30 grandchildren & many great-grandchildren, as well as my 2 sons, 1 son’s family & his 3 children. He accepted the free gift of salvation before we met in 1993 and married in 1994. A very humble servant for Christ. – Marilyn Novy Schroeder

Our son and two sons-in-law who are raising God-fearing grandsons for the Lord! – Robert Warinner

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me the Christian values that guided your life and were the inspiration for me to follow your example. Even though you are now in heaven, I feel you by my side every day. – Pam Jaffke

Frank Keibler – loving and caring father. Ralph Schmidt – accepted Christ the day he died; he was filled with joy. – Dennis & Ruth Schmidt

John Jankowski – – My father taught me to be truthful and loyal in everything I do. He also taught me that ‘just because someone else is acting stupid doesn’t mean that you have to act that way too.’ – Timothy & Renée Marek

My Dad, Kenneth Hagen, for his faithfulness to my mom and family.” Joleen Helbig

“When you need someone to care
Our Dad is always there! – Jerry & Pat Gorski

In memory of Joseph R. Gavin. – John & Marla Gavin

Neal R: Thank God for fathers like Neal, who continually—in all ways—shows his daughter, step daughters and grandchildren what a father and grandfather can and should be: a man of honesty, integrity, truly love, fun…and honoring God. – Denise Roland

Ray Westphall—a man’s man who adored his wife and loved his daughters, served his God with sincerity and dedication, and entertained friends with stories and a rich sense of humor. – Diane Westphall

Those Who Wished to Remain Anonymous

Dad (deceased) was a man of integrity, humility, sincerity/genuineness—he didn’t try to be someone he was not; he was self-sacrificing.

I wish to honor my heavenly Father—I worship You!

My father, who I loved and looked up to. I never told him how much I loved him when he was alive. I regret not doing that all the time. I tell my children and grandchildren I love them whenever I can.

I want to share my heavenly Father from Whom I receive my all.

My sons are great fathers.

Our dads who were good and faithful to our mothers and were savers so their family could have a college education. The family and home were before treating self. Every Sunday they drove and went to church together as well.

I am thankful for my father who consistently lives out these qualities: devotion to family, generous and happy spirit, wisdom for daily living, loyalty to the USA, love for God and His Word, and an unshakeable confidence in the truth of God’s Word.

My husband Edgar now in heaven—the greatest husband and father. He helped me grow in the Lord. My Dad and Edgar’s dad—both very dear to me.

My father loved and taught us to love God, family and country and was a wonderful example for us. He espoused the same values as Wisconsin Family Action.

Our son and son-in-law—2 young men who are practicing what God’s plan is for fatherhood.