Big Goal, Bigger God

After reviewing our needs and much prayer, we have determined our God-sized Goal is for 300 people to give/invest or commit to raise $1000. (We realize some may be able to give less, and some may be able to give more. Every gift of any size helps get us closer to our goal!) That amount will allow us to impact this election, and educate voters, in the way we believe we are called to do and as we have planned.

What if you’re not able to give $1000 at once? Perhaps you can give it by December, or simply “give as God directs.” You can also combine efforts with others who share the timeless values we fight for, and combined, raise $1000, or as much as you are able.

You can start by investing here today. Thank you for giving as God directs you!


Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) will educate citizens, be involved in election–related activities, and lobby our legislators to protect, defend and promote marriage, families, the unborn and religious freedom in Wisconsin. Gifts to WFA are not tax-deductible.


Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) will educate citizens about the elections, educate our legislators about marriage, family, life and religious liberty in Wisconsin, and provide educational resources to pastors and churches. Gifts to WFC are tax-deductible. Click Here to donate to WFC.

If you prefer to support us by regular mail, please send your contribution with our printable donor form.

Big Goal, Bigger God

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