April 2nd’s Statewide Referenda Explained

This spring election, April 2, there will be 2 statewide referendums on your ballot. These referendums would amend the Wisconsin Constitution if you vote yes on them. The legislature is attempting to stop a repeat of the “Zuckerbucks” debacle from 2020 with these referendums. Both of them deal with the “Zuckerbucks” issue.

These referenda are the legislature’s only way to get serious election reform done right now. They’ve passed many election reform bills in the last 5-1/2 years, and Evers has vetoed all of them. Amending the constitution is only way to bypass the governor.

Question 1 deals with stopping the outside money from coming in, being requested, or being used to help with any of our elections.

A “Yes” on question 1 means you don’t want a repeat of 2020 and the millions of dollars that came in from liberal organizations and were given to select municipalities: Green Bay, Eau Claire, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Madison. You don’t want that money coming in, being applied for, or being used in ANY WI municipality.

A “no” on question 1 means you were just fine with the “Zuckerbucks” in 2020 and don’t care if that happens again in WI community/municipality.

Question 2 deals with stopping outside people—unauthorized people—from “helping” with our elections. It would only duly authorized election officials to deal with our elections—in any municipality.

A “yes” on Question 2 means you do not want unauthorized people involved with our elections. Period. You want duly authorized election officials only.

A “no” on Question 2 means you don’t care if outsiders with no official authorization come in and supposedly offer help to election officials.

Be sure to vote in your local elections and for these referendums this Tuesday, APRIL 2.

To see if there are any candidate rankings for your local races visit Ivoterguide.com.

To find out what’s on your ballot, where your polling place, and more visit MyVote.WI.gov .

A Letter From the New WFA President

Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled, humbled, and honored to serve as the next president for Wisconsin Family Action. I’m grateful to the Board of Directors for their support and direction. I’m thankful for Julaine’s incredible leadership over the last quarter of a century. She has dedicated her life to building WFA to serving Wisconsin families, children, churches, communities, and lawmakers. What a legacy! Julaine will continue to serve the organizations as President Emeritus during the transition.

WFA has been leading the Judeo-Christian response to the cultural battles that have engulfed our state and our nation and affected our families and communities. These organizations will continue their mission to preserve, promote and strengthen the foundational Judeo-Christian principles of life, marriage, family, and religious freedom.

Please cover Wisconsin Family Action, Julaine, our people, and me with prayer as we move, lead, and serve where God leads. Thank you, thank you, for continuing to partner with us during this transition.

Soli Deo gloria.

Yours Faithfully,

Christine M. File


Wisconsin Family Council and Wisconsin Family Action

Leadership Transition at Wisconsin Family Action

Leadership Transition at Wisconsin Family Action

Julaine Appling, former president of WFA

Christine File, new president of WFA

In late 1997, I, Julaine Appling, started working at Family Research Institute of Wisconsin. It was a small operation but had considerable impact, especially in the state legislature. In the first year I was with the organization I did research, wrote copy for various needs, processed gifts, answered phones, attended public hearings, and in general did whatever was needed. I have somewhat jokingly said to people that we pretty much ran the 3-person organization out of a shoebox!

I also told the president of the organization that while I could and would act as a kind of office manager, it would eventually become uncomfortable for me because that wasn’t who I was and was not using well my God-given strengths, talents, interests, or experience.

Some board members understood what I was saying, and in late 1998, the board asked me to be the Executive Director. After considerable prayer, thought, and counsel, I accepted. And thus began the ride of a lifetime!

Now, going on 27 years with this organization (renamed Wisconsin Family Council, with Wisconsin Family Action formed in 2006), 26 of which have been as the leader (currently president), I know it’s time for a leadership change here. I know that as surely as I knew I was to say yes way back in 1998.

Honestly, because I have long been a “student” of organizations and administration, I knew when I started this position, that I needed to begin looking for a successor. I’ve kept my eyes and ears open for years, and we’ve had a couple of hires that we thought might work out to be the next president of both Wisconsin Family Council and Wisconsin Family Action. However, we ended up still looking for the next leader.

A couple of years ago, I told the board I would like to step down as president by the end of 2024, and my announcement set in motion a very serious national search for the next president of WFA and WFC. No longer are we a 3-person organization operating out of a shoebox. By God’s grace, and because of friends like you, WFC and WFA have become the state’s premier pro-family organization.

Over the years, our budgets have increased significantly, we’ve added new programs, our outreach and impact have grown exponentially, and our team has more than tripled. And all of this has been because of God’s good hand upon us and because of the ministry friends He has brought our way. Certainly, our leadership needs have changed over these years of growth as well.

Our nationwide search actually resulted in finding a remarkable successor-leader right here in Wisconsin. I am so pleased and excited to announce that the next president of WFA and WFC is Christine M. File, who grew up in Wisconsin and has lived here most of her life. As you will see in the accompanying letter from our Board Chairman Lee Webster, Christine is well qualified to lead WFA and WFC into the future.

Being the president of WFA and WFC has been an incredible honor and a privilege. I have been humbled to serve in this capacity and am grateful to the Board of Directors for the opportunity to provide leadership for the organizations and for their godly guidance and wisdom through these years as we have expanded our operation and reach in every way. I am especially thankful for the Boards’ thorough, prayerful work as we together sought the next leader for WFA and WFC.

While I am stepping out of the role of president of WFA and WFC, as President Emeritus, I will be working closely with Christine as we make this transition. Christine joins us on February 19, 2024. When the time is right at some point this year for me to step completely away from WFA and WFC, I will continue to be involved with making Wisconsin a great place for families by encouraging people of faith to put their beliefs into action.

The future is so bright for WFA and WFC! Because we have a faithful God and incredible partners and friends like you, and now an exciting, immensely qualified new leader for these organizations, I am more convinced than ever that the best days for WFA and WFC lie ahead as they, in partnership with you, continue to strengthen, preserve, and promote God’s plan for marriage and family, the sanctity of human life, and religious freedom in our great state.

We have planned for this time for years; now is the time to put the plan into action. Thank you for standing with us over the years of my leadership and now as we pass the baton to the next-generation leader!

May God grant His incredible blessings to you, our dear friends, and also to the WFA and WFC Boards of Directors and Christine File in the days ahead.

Serving with gladness and gratitude,
Julaine K. Appling


As Chairman of the Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to inform you of some exciting transitions that are taking place with Wisconsin Family Council.  Julaine Appling has been diligently serving as President of the organization for over 25 years.  Approximately two years ago she informed the Board that it would soon be time for a leadership change. She has worked closely with the Board to move in that direction and—after a nationwide search and much prayer—we have found an exceptionally qualified candidate to step into her position as of February 19th.

We are pleased to announce that our new President, Christine M. File, comes to us with great credentials and experience.  She is a Hillsdale College graduate and has a master’s and a law degree from Regent University. Christine interned at The Heritage Foundation and has experience working for State Supreme Court Justices in both Indiana and Wisconsin. Additionally, Christine is a Blackstone Fellow with Alliance Defending Freedom. She most recently joins us from the corporate world where she continued to stay involved with grassroots efforts on issues currently impacting her community, state, and nation. Christine and her husband and family live in Southeastern Wisconsin and are active in their church and community.

Under Julaine’s leadership Wisconsin Family Council has over these years become a nationally recognized leader as a state family policy council and, by God’s grace, has been effective in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom in our home state.

Thankfully, Julaine is not retiring.  She will continue to partner, serve, and consult with us as President Emeritus. Words can never express our appreciation for Julaine’s vision, leadership, and faithfulness to God as well as to the citizens of Wisconsin and our organization. We will keep you posted on details for a special recognition event later this year.

Thank you for your ongoing support!  Please keep us all in your prayers as we move forward in our Lord’s service!

Lee Webster
Chairman, Board of Directors
Wisconsin Family Council