Madison – Last week 34 US Senators and 140 Members of the US House of Representatives submitted a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the right of states to pass laws regarding protecting the health and well-being of women seeking an abortion. Among those senators and members of the House are Wisconsin’s US Senator Ron Johnson (R) and US House of Representatives members Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-CD 1), Jim Sensenbrenner (R-CD 5), Glenn Grothman (R-CD 6), Sean Duffy (R-CD 7) and Reid Ribble (R-CD 8).  The case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, is scheduled for oral arguments on Wednesday, March 2, before the US Supreme Court.  The Court will likely issue an opinion in this case by the end of June.

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Madison –  “I can declare that a dog is a cat and that doesn’t change the truth or the reality—even if I dress the dog up like a cat.  It’s still a dog,” declared Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling in a public hearing yesterday.

The Assembly Committee on State Affairs and Government Operations held a hearing Wednesday on a bill, Assembly Bill 800, that goes to great lengths to try to convince people that gambling is not gambling.  The bill blatantly declares that Daily Fantast Sports (DFS) is not gambling and creates a means to legalize the games and regulate them, ostensibly for “consumer protection” reasons.

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Wisconsin Family Action Applauds State Assembly for Passing Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Madison, WI – “This is a bill whose time has come. We thank and congratulate the Assembly Representatives who voted yesterday afternoon in favor of a bill that corrects a longstanding wrong in this state,” said Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling.

After a rather lengthy and crisp debate, especially from those who oppose the measure, the Wisconsin Assembly voted along party lines to pass Assembly Bill 310, a bill that requires that the State Department of Health Services apply for federal Title X funds that for the last 35 years have gone exclusively and directly to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.  Title X funds are stipulated for family-planning services and related preventive health services for low-income individuals. Read more here.

Former Planned Parenthood Director, Pro-Life Lawyer to Testify on Wisconsin Bills Defunding Planned Parenthood

Sue Thayer, a Planned Parenthood Clinic Director for 18 years, and Casey Mattox, a First Amendment lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom, will offer testimony on Assembly Bill (AB) 310 and Assembly Bill (AB) 311 at the Assembly Health Committee public hearing this Wednesday, September 2nd. The hearing will be held in room 417 North (GAR Hall). Both Ms. Thayer and Mr. Mattox will be available outside the hearing room for comment following their testimony. Read more here.

Wisconsin Family Action Responds to Yesterday’s Hearing on Bill Banning Sale, Use of Body Parts of Aborted Babies

Madison, WI –Yesterday, Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), testified before the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety in support of Assembly Bill 305, the Aborted Fetal Body Parts bill. Appling released the following statement after testifying:

“I was heartened by the number of people who came to Madison to testify in favor of AB 305 yesterday, including a bioethicist and a former Planned Parenthood employee. And I want to thank Chairman Kleefisch for holding the hearing. He and Rep. André Jacque deserve great credit for authoring this important bill. Read more here…