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Here is the 2016-2020 Party Platform Comparison – check it out!

The fall election officially began this week with the Democratic Convention, which while headquartered in Milwaukee, will now be completely virtual. In addition to speeches from prominent Democrats, party delegates will approve the party platform. The proposed Democrat 2020 platform, among other things, calls for raising taxes, universal health care, gun control, restoring taxpayer funding for abortion, restricting school choice, passing the Equality Act and making America a world-leader in LGBT rights. Party platforms are typically reviewed and renewed every four years during the party conventions where presidential candidates are officially nominated. While the Democrats are adopting a new platform, the Republicans have decided to reaffirm the platform they adopted in 2016, which many who were involved with shaping that platform, say it is one of the best Republican platforms they have ever seen or worked on.

Party platforms aren’t just formal documents that gather dust on a shelf or are buried deep in a website. In essence, a party platform is a world-view statement. It provides a blueprint for policy initiatives at the state and the federal levels and states a party’s official position on key issues that impact American citizens. The words and ideas in party platform matter greatly.

Have you ever taken time to compare party platforms before you vote? Click HERE to see the most recent party platform comparison to help you decide how to best vote your values.  This chart compares the GOP’s 2016/2020 platform with the proposed 2020 Democrat platform on some core, foundational issues.

CLICK HERE to view and download Party Platform Comparisons.

COMMIT TO VOTE! Pledge, right here and now, to committing your voice, your choice, your values by ballot in the upcoming elections! Click HERE to sign the pledge today.

Wisconsin, we have a problem…and here’s what you can do about it

“Houston, we have a problem!” Those words came from Apollo 13 as the astronauts headed towards a major disaster—a disaster that was averted because of the quick responses by both astronauts and NASA headquarters in Houston. Imagine if either had ignored the problem.

Well, we have a problem in Wisconsin and in America right now…and it’s up to us working with our great God to deal with it.

Today is the first day of our statewide mandate from Governor Evers regarding “facial coverings,” part of his second Public Health Emergency declaration dealing with COVID-19. We believe the emergency declaration itself is an overreach of the governor’s authority. If nothing else, this is a great reminder that elections have consequences—huge, far-reaching, long-lasting consequences. And we are on the brink of crucial elections!

We cannot ignore the problem!  We need to act NOW. We are the astronauts here—and God is “Houston,” if you will.

Friends, we have a truly awesome, “big” God!  We need to pray to our pray-hearing, prayer-answering God; and we need to act. We need to put faith, feet and, yes, finances, to our prayers.

Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council have a solid, aggressive election plan built on proven, cutting-edge strategies and tactics and on our years of experience in making a difference in elections. We will do everything we can to get President Trump re-elected and to keep conservative majorities in our state legislature for GOOD consequences.

Wisconsin is a targeted state both for the presidential election and for those wanting to turn our state legislature from red to blue. That’s a problem! But with your help, working together, we can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Elections are expensive, with this election likely the most expensive in history because the stakes are so high. Our election plan starts at $300,000 over and above our normal budget. To fully implement our plan will take considerably more. But $300,000 ensures we are in the game.

Today we are launching our “Big Goal. Bigger God” campaign. (Or maybe we should call it, “Houston, we have a problem”!) We are asking for 300 people in The Badger State to commit to a $1000 investment for our election work—work that won’t happen without you!

Why 300? Well, remember when God pared Gideon’s army to just 300 special soldiers for an important victory?  We are looking to build a modern-day Gideon’s Army—right now, starting today, with 300 special, engaged and motivated people who understand WE HAVE A PROBLEM and who want to be part of the solution.

You can invest $1000 (or more if you are especially blessed) in a single gift, pledge to give the $1000 over the next 4 months or even combine with others to get to $1000. (As always, we are grateful for investments of any amount—no gift is too small or too large.) We welcome everyone to be a part of this “Big Goal. Bigger God” effort and watch what God does with a even a small group of people! 

“Wisconsin, we have a problem!” Be part of the solution by faithfully praying and by financially investing. Trust our “bigger God” with this “big goal” and be part of this unique Gideon’s Army!

God bless you and yours!


Julaine K. Appling

PS.  We already have $10,000 committed from 10 people on our board and our staff who joined me in immediately saying, “I want to be part of this unique Gideon’s Army and trust God to make this big goal.” So now we need just 290 people! Join us!

WFA PAC congratulates endorsed candidates who won 2020 Partisan Primary Election

Congratulations to the following Wisconsin Partisan Primary Election candidates that are endorsed by Wisconsin Family Action PAC: Scott Fitzgerald – Congressional District 5, Joan Ballweg – Senate District 14, Rachael Cabral-Guevara – Assembly District 55, Robert Brooks – Assembly District 60, Donna Rozar – Assembly District 69.. These candidates will now move on to the General Election on November 3. For more election information and to view our endorsements for the General Election, go to

Action Alert: Gov. Evers Issues Dangerous Order/Mandate – Tell your legislator to support Senator Nass’s call for the special session and joint resolution

On Thursday afternoon, Governor Evers issued declared another statewide Public Health Emergency (Executive Order #82) that begins on Saturday, August 1 and continues through September 28.  He also issued Emergency Order #1 which mandates “face coverings” (aka, “masks”) statewide.

While the Order does include a number of exemptions or exceptions (such as, you don’t have to wear a mask when eating, drinking or sleeping. Yes, these are specifically delineated in the order), the order raises questions about whether, for instance, churches and private schools have the right to exercise autonomy in this matter.

We have been in contact with constitutional attorneys who tell us it will take some time to completely assess the Order and to determine if a lawsuit is warranted and if so to get it filed, etc. One major legal question is whether the Governor even has the authority to issue a second 60-day Public Health Emergency for the same issue (COVID-19 in this instance).

Meanwhile, while the attorneys deliberate regarding a possible legal challenge, the state legislature does have a way to stop the Governor’s Order. The law that gives the Governor authority to issue a Public Health Emergency (Chapter 323…) states that the implementation of the order can be stopped by the Governor issuing another Order or by the state legislature passing a Joint Resolution.

Thursday afternoon, State Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued a press release in which he said the Governor’s Order was “illegal and unnecessary” and called for a special legislative session to stop the Order.

We believe this legislative approach is the best option to quickly counter the Governor’s newest edict. We are asking that you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE make 3 phone calls to help make this special legislative session and a joint resolution:

You can find contact information for your elected officials HERE (just put your address in the area at the top right of the page).

We know this is a confusing and challenging time for everyone. We are hoping our state legislators will step up and do the right thing in this instance and act as a “check and balance” to the executive branch. Wearing a mask should not be forced on everyone; the government can make recommendations, but ordering mask wearing and imposing a fine for not doing so is a breach of our individual freedoms and just may also encroach on our religious freedom as well. This is yet another powerful reminder that ELECTIONS HAVE VERY REAL CONSEQUENCES.  Remember that as you vote this fall!

No Excuses—Commit to Vote! Sign the Pledge Today.

ELECTION DAY 2020 is coming! There’s so much at stake for our country in November. We can’t afford to go backward—and by promising to vote and then making sure you do you are taking an important step in making sure we can continue moving forward. CLICK HERE NOW to solidify your commitment to VOTE on November 3, 2020. Then be a friend and share this pledge with your family, friends, neighbors, church leadership and community! Join with thousands of Wisconsin citizens in pledging to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

Religious freedom and so-called civil rights on collision course

It’s been a whirlwind of decisions coming out of the US Supreme Court in the last few weeks. Last Thursday, the high court released its last round of opinions for this term, wrapping up months of dealing with numerous high-profile decisions that impact immediately or will impact in the future millions of Americans. Religious freedom was the crux of three recent decisions—and in all three cases the high court ruled in favor of respecting the First Amendment’s clear intent to give Americans the right to freely exercise their religion and conscience.

Our founders called religious freedom our “First freedom” because it is the underpinning of all of our other freedoms. In light of that, these decisions are encouraging. However, one other case the court decided this session that wrongly redefined the word sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity puts religious freedom and so-called civil rights on a collision course. We must remain vigilant.

West Bend elementary school teacher coaches parents in leftist mindfulness, yoga, self love, racial injustice and COVID 19

A teacher in the West Bend School District (WBSD) sent out the following email today, Wednesday, July 8, in her regular “Summer Check In” communication email with WBSD parents. Take a moment to click the links to the “free resource” being offered in the email below. Here are a few sample statements from the video:

“That’s what our emotions are…they’re the voice of our inner child that has been sitting there and asking for attention.”

“When we take the time to align our mind with our physical body we actually bring ourselves into presence.”

“Mindfulness is being in the present moment… bringing your awareness into the present moment with no judgement, with acceptance and with a willingness to be with what is.”

“There’s a lot of racial injustice going on right now and…it’s something where sometimes our own biases can be passed on to our children, and we definitely want to raise this next generation to be all inclusive, and all accepting, as best we possibly can.”

“This is 400 years of work built up in the black community, this is the work that’s built up in us watching this.” “Have I ever felt racist in any way? Have I ever thought things like “Oh, I don’t want to go near that person or have I seen a black person passing by and have I moved away…”

” We can apologize, we can be vulnerable…”

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Wed, Jul 8, 2020 8:57 am
Subject: Summer Check In

This email is regarding:

Hello Fabulous Fair Park Families,

I hope this message finds you happy and healthy- can’t believe the 4th of July has come and gone already!  I wanted to share with you a free resource I have found helpful- a series of interviews on The Power of Purposeful parenting.  Here is an intro:  I am honored to present Roma Khetarpal, author of The “Perfect” Parent and CEO of Tools of Growth. Roma’s mission is to help parents raise kids to “Be Happy, Think Positive, and Do Good.” Roma provides parents with simple, easy-to-remember, and effective communication tools to help them build a strong foundation and relationship with their children.  Roma and I discuss:

  •  How to manage our emotions and help our children manage their emotions during these unprecedented times in the world right now
  •  The STOP method for mindfulness and how to implement this
  •  How to initiate conversations about sensitive subjects, such as racial injustice
  •  Helping children deal with changes to their summer plans and unknown factors of what the school year will look like in the fall
Roma beautifully addresses the challenges we are dealing with in the world right now with COVID-19 as well as racial injustice. She discusses how we can use mindfulness to address our own needs, thus allowing us to have the bandwidth to respond to our children’s needs during these times.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE INTERVIEW!!!  This is Day 3 of resources so here is the link to others:

As you go through the month of July please feel free to stay in touch about how things are with your family, any major changes; I think of everyone so often.  Email continues to be the best way to initiate the conversation:
Hope you are well and that I see you soon!
Take care,
Mrs. Biertzer

District: West Bend School District
District Web Site:
State: WI
District Code: 6307

If you missed this week’s webinar, we’ve got you covered

Wisconsin Family Council held a one-hour Lunch with a Purpose webinar featuring David Fowler on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

A family advocate and devout Christian, author and former TN state senator David Fowler speaks with the voice of compassion as he outlines in terms of the two great commandments of Scripture how Christians should respond to the controversies of the day. As a former politician, practicing lawyer and policy analyst, he is in a unique position to offer insights on the politics of loving God and neighbor in a post-modern culture. As Fowler points out, contrary to popular opinion, biblical love requires more than the live-and-let-live philosophy of today. And he beckons Christians to reckon love for God and neighbor as the basis upon which God once again makes America a beacon of light to others. His book, The Politics of Loving God: Courageous Truths for Contentious Times speaks the truth in love to a nation that needs it.

If you were unable to attend, the webinar was recorded and is provided for you HERE to watch/listen to at your convenience.

Victory for Religious Liberty: Supreme Court Upholds Montana School Choice Program

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court issued a five-to-four ruling upholding Montana’s school choice program which includes giving scholarships to qualified families whose children attend a private religious school. The court held that the state issuing such payments does not violate the US Constitution but prohibiting such religious schools from being part of the scholarship program does indeed violate the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the opinion for the majority, joined by Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Lindsey Burke writing for the Daily Signal, “In a 5-4 decision Tuesday, the Supreme Court held that families have a right to seek the best educational opportunities for their children, by preventing states from blocking the participation of religiously affiliated schools in state school choice programs.

“In Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, the court ruled that the application of a ‘no-aid’ provision in Montana’s Constitution violated the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, since it barred state tax credit scholarships from being used at private religious schools.

“In a huge win for families, the high court held that states cannot apply the ‘no-aid’ provision to discriminate against religious schools by excluding them from private school choice programs.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel and Vice President of Appellate Advocacy John Bursch states, “The Supreme Court was right to rule that states can’t oust parents and children from neutral benefit programs simply because they choose a religious private school. This is consistent with the court’s 2017 decision in the ADF case Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer, which unequivocally reaffirmed that states can’t impose ‘special disabilities on the basis of religious views or religious status.’ The court was right to not allow the dead hand of 19th century anti-Catholic bigotry—which motivated the state constitutional provision at issue here—to put a stranglehold on educational resources desperately needed by parents and their children.”

Julaine Appling, WFA president, says, “After a raft of disappointing Supreme Court decisions, we finally have one we can celebrate. This decision strengthens our Wisconsin school choice programs, which is good news for parents. While private religious schools have been able to participate in the voucher program since 1998, this decision makes it clear that the state cannot discriminate against a school just because it is religious.”

Wisconsin Family Action is your voice in the Badger State for religious freedom. Click HERE to partner with us securely today!

Supreme Court Advances Abortion, Devalues Women

From HeritageAction: “On Monday, the Supreme Court decided the landmark abortion case June Medical Services LLC v. Russo, overturning a Louisiana law placing common-sense health guidelines on abortion providers and requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. The decision was anti-woman, anti-life, and anti-liberty.

“Chief Justice Roberts [photo left], who dissented in a similar case in 2016, has reversed course to cast the deciding vote to overrule the Louisiana legislature’s decision to protect women’s health.”
Learn more HERE.

Julaine Appling, WFA president, responds to the SCOTUS decision, “When Scott Walker was governor, Wisconsin enacted basically the same law Louisiana did. Planned Parenthood immediately filed a lawsuit, and as a result our law has never been enforced—and now we know it likely never will be. In this case, I think the court has wrongly held itself to a poor practice: assuming one bad decision by the high court, in this instance the Texas decision, must be perpetuated.”

Wisconsin Family Council, the educational arm of Wisconsin Family Action, was part of a friend-of-the-court amicus  brief in support of the State of Louisiana in this case.

Read Wisconsin Family Action’s press release on this issue HERE.

Wisconsin Family Action is 100% pro life, from conception to natural death. Click HERE to securely donate online or call us at (Madison) 608.268.5074 or (toll-free) 866.849.2536.

Wisconsin wants to know…. Where Was Governor Evers?

Like so many others, we were wondering where Governor Evers has been, especially while destructive mobs were destroying state property in our capital city.

We agree with the governor in his statement released today that violence against people and property is wrong. We are glad that the two statues toppled and damaged by the mob last night have been recovered, but we remain incredulous about where the Capitol police were as all this was happening. Why was this openly defiant and destructive mob allowed to destroy these statues and threaten to break into the capitol itself? Where were the police? Where was the governor?

When the seat of our state government is threatened, it is the governor’s job to do what needs to be done to thwart destructive efforts. It’s not as if the governor didn’t know these folks were set on major mischief. They have been talking openly about their plans for days.

A press release is just words. We trust the governor really is prepared to call on the National Guard and will hold the police department accountable for what they permitted last night and for the plans they have to prevent any further destruction to what is really part of our state’s noble and good heritage and history.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the governor (608-266-1212; and urge him to do everything he can and should do to ensure that no more damage is done to state property which is essentially owned by “we the people” of the state of Wisconsin.

Photo courtesy: AP

WFA president weighs in on recent court decision to redefine “sex” in federal law | VIDEO

US Supreme Court Once Again Oversteps Authority; In major decision Court redefines biological sex

Julaine Appling, WFA president, weighs in on recent Supreme Court decision to redefine biological sex. Read press release here:

Posted by Wisconsin Family Action on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

US Supreme Court Once Again Oversteps Authority; In major decision Court redefines biological sex

MADISON, WI – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in three Title VII cases.  On a 6-3 vote, the court ruled that Title VII prohibits discrimination in employment “on the basis of sex.” Title VII is the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

One of the cases involved Harris Funeral Homes in Detroit, Michigan. This family-run business has the delicate task of serving grieving families. Tom Rost, owner of Harris Funeral Homes, had that in mind when a male employee of six years decided to start living as a woman and insisted on dressing as one at work. Tom held the employee to the dress code he agreed to at time of hire and was promptly sued. The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today dictates how Tom and other employers can run their businesses, regardless of their beliefs.

The Court ruled that an employer who fires an individual “merely for being gay or transgender violates Title VII.” Essentially, the Court is saying that the word sex in laws from the 1960’s, also includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

While many aspects of the Court’s ruling are troubling, the most concerning is that the Court again has shown its inclination to make law, not interpret law. Changing the definition of a word in a congressionally passed law is not the purview of the court; that is for the legislative branch.

Justice Alito, with Justice Thomas agreeing, wrote in his dissent: “There is only one word for what the Court has done today: legislation.” “A more brazen abuse of our authority to interpret statutes is hard to recall.” “The question is not whether discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity should be outlawed. The question is whether Congress did that in 1964.”

President of Wisconsin Family Action Julaine Appling commented, “Today’s decision by the high court causes significant problems. At a minimum, it undermines equal opportunities for women. Males identifying as female will take women’s places on athletics team and on the award podium, as recently happened at the Connecticut girls’ high‐school track finals where two boys identifying as girls have won 15 girls’ state-track-and-field titles over the past two years. It jeopardizes bodily privacy rights of women by forcing organizations to open women’s shelters, locker rooms, restrooms, and showers to men who say they are women.  In addition, it forces employers, such as Harris Funeral Homes, to choose between violating their religious beliefs or facing lawsuits and financial hardship.

“We will continue to analyze the decision to determine its impact on Wisconsin law and specifically on faith-based employers such as churches, schools, and para-church ministries. The breadth of the Court’s decision remains to be determined.”

By June 30, the court will be handing down more opinions that directly touch on religious liberty and rights of conscience.

Wisconsin Family Action was part of a friend-of-the-court amicus in the Harris case that was represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Read ADF’s statement here.



Copy available online HERE.

ACTION ALERT: If you live in the city of Fond du Lac, tell City Council not to discriminate with proposed LGBTQ+ Pride month proclamation

The meeting is THIS WEDNESDAY, June 10

Wisconsin Family Action learned this weekend that one of the members of the Fond du Lac City Council is preparing to introduce a proclamation making June “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” in the City. (See picture below for wording of proposed proclamation.) According to our understanding of the Council’s rules, council members do not get a vote on a proclamation. If it gets on the agenda, it is presumed agreed upon and “passed.” The proclamation actually goes out from the President of the City Council, who currently is Brian Kolstad. The only way to ensure this proclamation is not officially done is to keep it off the Council’s agenda. The Council President is the one with the authority to do that.

The proclamation is scheduled to be on the Council’s agenda for its meeting this Wednesday, June 10, 2020. If you agree with us that such a proclamation is not only unnecessary but also inappropriate and even discriminatory against other groups that don’t get such special recognition, here is what you can do:

1) Call or email the Council president, Brian Kolstad, immediately.

2) Share this email with other City of Fond du Lac residents and ask them to join you in opposing this proclamation.

3) Contact your pastor by email or phone and let him know about this proclamation. Ask him to call/email the Council president. This is an especially important action point, since pastors represent so many people.

4) Contact the other members of the City Council and encourage them to let the Council president know they object to having this proclamation move forward.

5) Plan on attending the meeting on Wednesday evening, June 10, if at all possible. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Fond du Lac City/County building at 160 S Macy St., Fond du Lac.

6) Pray that God will move upon the heart of the Council president and other members of the council to stop this effort.

Madison Schools Sued for Violating Parental Rights


Once again, parental rights in Wisconsin are being challenged.

“The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), on behalf of a group of Madison parents, filed a lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court against the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) for adopting and implementing policies that violate the rights of district parents. The challenged MMSD policies enable children, of any age, to change their gender identity at school without parental notice or consent, and instruct district employees to conceal and even deceive parents about the gender identity their son or daughter has adopted at school. These policies violate critical constitutionally recognized parental rights.

WILL represents 14 individual parents from 8 families with students in MMSD.” Read more about this case from Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty HERE.

WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg said, “Madison schools have adopted policies that violate constitutionally recognized parental rights. A public school district should not, and cannot, make decisions reserved for parents.”

The first hearing in this case took place this past Tuesday, May 26, in Branch 8 of Dane County Circuit Court.  During the hearing, the judge ordered that the parents’ names must be revealed to the court and to any and all attorneys involved. The case had been filed with all parents’ names kept anonymous. The WILL attorneys representing the parents will now need to either appeal the judge’s decision on anonymity to the appellate court or check with the parents to see who is willing to remain on the case under this order of limited disclosure. WILL Attorney Luke Berg, representing the parents, repeatedly told the court that the more people who know who the parents are increases the likelihood of those names being leaked, which could have very negative consequences for the parents and their children. The judge responded saying he was confident the attorneys would respect the confidentiality. (WFA will refrain from editorial comment here.)

Also in the Tuesday hearing, the court denied the school district’s motion to dismiss the case entirely, which is definitely a win for the parents and their children. They and the unconstitutional policy will have their day in court.

A decided twist in the case is that the judge also allowed ACLU of Wisconsin to have “intervener” status in this case, which basically makes the ACLU and the groups it represents another party to the case. The ACLU is representing three LGBTQ student groups at three (3) different Madison schools- the Gender Equity Association at Memorial High School, the Gender Sexuality Alliance at West High School and the Gender Sexuality Alliance at La Follette High School. The judge agreed that the “rights” and “interests” of these students were not adequately represented by the school district and thus permitted them to participate fully, just like another defendant, in the case.

Wisconsin Family Council Signs Letter to Congress: Protect Churches and Religious Organizations

From LifeSite News –

“First Liberty Institute informed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday that faith leaders representing millions of believers in the United States fear “a swarm of lawsuits blaming houses of worship and religious ministries for any person who attended a religious gathering or received food or shelter from a charity or ministry and subsequently contracted COVID-19.”

The legal organization urged Congress to protect groups of believers from lawsuits related to the coronavirus and the manifold orders currently in place.

The statement was accompanied by a letter to members of Congress, which was signed by hundreds of religious and conservative leaders, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, radio host Eric Metaxas, and Protestant preacher Franklin Graham.


Julaine Appling, WFC president, says, “Wisconsin Family Council is honored to be one of the organizations that signed this letter. We are grateful for First Liberty’s proactive work to protect churches and ministries. The reality is today many are very quick to file lawsuits with or without merit. Churches have admirably risen to the challenge of ministering effectively during this pandemic; they should be thanked and protected, not threatened with lawsuits.”


ACTION ALERT: CALL state sen/state rep NOW about proposed STAY AT HOME RULE

Following the Supreme Court of Wisconsin’s ruling striking down Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order, Gov. Tony Evers today approved a statement of scope (DHS 145) developed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)


EMAIL OR CALL all members of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) COMMITTEE regarding your thoughts on the Governor’s new proposed “safer at home” order and how it affects your family and/or business and ask him/her to push back against the order.

***If you are a constituent of any member of JCRAR, please list “CONSTITUENT” in the subject line of your email. This is VERY important, as constituent emails mean more. If you are not sure if you are a constituent of any of the members of JCRAR, you can find this information HERE – Enter your address at the top right to find out who your Senator/Representative is.

Senator or Representative
Representative Ballweg (Co-Chair) (R) (608) 266-8077
Senator Nass (Co-Chair) (R) (608) 266-2635
Representative Neylon (Vice-Chair) (R) (608) 266-5120
Senator Stroebel (Vice-Chair) (R) (608) 266-7513
Senator Craig(R) (608) 266-5400
Senator Larson(D) (608) 266-7505
Senator Wirch(D) (608) 267-8979
Representative Quinn (R) (608) 266-2519
Representative Hebl (D) (608) 266-7678
Representative Subeck (D) (608) 266-7521

Email addresses to easily copy/paste:;;;;;;;;;;