Thanks to liberal progressive activists and a complicit liberal media, enormous and unjustifiedAlert1.gifpressure has been brought against Indiana Governor Mike Pence and the entire state for enacting a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Arkansas is running a close second, with Governor Asa Hutchinson now saying he wants changes to the RFRA law that state’s legislature passed yesterday.The cultural elitists have whipped up raw emotion not caring whether they are accurately representing these laws–and they are not. The RFRA laws mirror federal law passed in 1993 and signed into law by then-President Bill Clinton, hardly a hardcore conservative.

The hysteria has resulted in at least one Christian business owner in Indiana closing operation for the present because of the threats against the owners and the business after they said they supported the new RFRA.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, says this is out and out war against religious freedom and ultimately against Christianity. “Across this country, Christians need to realize their freedoms and their voice are being systematically shut down. If we care, we need to get involved right now. Involved means working with groups like Wisconsin Family Action and making calls in support of Gov. Pence and encouraging lawmakers to hold the line and not cower to the bullying from the left. Nothing in Scripture says we are to be doormats and are to just go away and be silent in the face of such assault. Paul didn’t. He asserted his Roman citizenship and challenged the rulers and the culture of his day. That’s what we are called to do as well.”

Legal experts say Wisconsin has better religious freedom protection than states such as Indiana with its new RFRA because we have a couple of WI Supreme Court cases that upheld the same standards of protection as contained in Indiana’s and Arkansas’s RFRAs. Julaine says that’s fine, unless the WI Supreme Court decides to issue a different opinion in the future of Article I, Section 18 of Wisconsin’s constitution. “Our protections largely rely on making sure we maintain a conservative Supreme Court in our state. As long as we have that, we probably do have pretty good protection of our religious freedom. But if the court makeup changes considerably, then I’m not very confident that we continue to get such good decisions from the high court on religious freedom. This makes this Tuesday’s election for a justice on the WI Supreme Court that much more important.

Christians across this country should be alarmed at what is happening in Indiana with Arkansas running a close second. Now is the time to stand strong for religious freedom!

takeActionButtonPANUPSWhat You Can and SHOULD Do TODAY:

Call Indiana Governor Mike Pence at 317-232-4567 and encourage him to veto any legislative proposal that changes the original RFRA he signed into law last week.

Call Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson at 501-682-2345 or send him a message on Twitter (@asahutchinson) asking him to sign the bill and not to amend it. Or you can fill out the online contact form through the governor’s website. Due to high volume of calls, you might get a busy signal in the Governor’s office. Please keep trying

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