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Not Your Average Summer Camp!

When: August 1-6, 2021
Where: Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, WI

Who: Teens, ages 13-19
Registration Fee: $450
Financial Aid is available.
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Equipping teens to become effective godly leaders who engage the culture from a Biblical perspective.

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AT THE CAPITOL: Five Bills Dealing with COVID-19 Vaccinations 
AT RISK: Opening Court Room Proceedings with Prayer
How Legalizing Gay Marriage Opens the Door to Polygamy
Let’s Hear it for Your Dad! 

AT THE CAPITOL: Hearing Held on Five Bills Dealing with COVID-19 Vaccinations 

Five bills dealing with the COVID-19 vaccination issue have landed in a state legislative committee on the Constitution and Ethics.

Each of these bills addresses the question, “Is it lawful for state or local government, or any of its agencies or departments, or for publicly funded universities and colleges, or for any for-profit business or any not-for-profit organization to require proof of a person having been vaccinated in order for that person to enter a facility, to transact business, receive a service, or attend school?” In other words, “Does requiring proof of vaccination discriminate against our individual freedom to make our own medical decisions?” Those are constitutional issues, rule of law matters.

While Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council do not take a position on whether someone should receive any vaccine (we believe the decision to vaccinate or not is a personal medical decision), we believe these bills are important to bring to your attention because they are integrally related to the freedom of an individual’s medical choice.

We have and will always defend the right of individuals to make their own medical decisions because we believe those are God-given rights and as such are constitutionally protected. 

In light of this, Julaine Appling encouraged Christians to be engaged and prayerful, “We as Christian citizens need to be informed and involved as our government continues to work its way through this current crisis. We need to prayerfully make the best medical decisions we can for ourselves and our families. We need to ask God for the strength to show meekness about our decision and extend grace to those who disagree with us. We also need to understand the rule of law, and as we are instructed in Scripture, we must pray for our elected officials as they grapple with this bedrock issue that has implications far beyond this specific virus.”

Read more HERE.

WFA’s Legislative Team of Julaine Appling and Micah Pearce (Exec VP), testified in support of all five bills at the hearing yesterday. The video of the hearing is available HERE. Julaine’s and Micah’s testimony begins at 3:24:06. (Yes, it was a VERY long hearing!) You need an account with Wiseye to view the video, but the account is FREE and very easy to sign up for.

Read WFA’s written testimony HERE. (Because of how late the WFA team testified and because at this point those testifying were limited to 3 mins, the WFA team departed from the written transcript that had been given to all committee members and hit some important points that had come up during the testimony of others earlier in the hearing.)

AT RISK: Opening Court Room Proceedings with Prayer

Christian Post recently reported, “The Freedom from Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit established to promote a strict separation of church and state, won a challenge to prohibit Judge Wayne Mack…from opening his courtroom with non-mandatory chaplain-led prayer.”

Here’s the back story:

Judge Mack, a justice of the peace from an area north of Houston in Montgomery County, Texas, established the Justice Court Chaplaincy Program, which allows volunteer chaplains, primarily Christian, to open court proceedings with a prayer. Staying for the prayer is optional; anyone present is welcome to excuse themselves.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation recently referred to as “the nation’s largest and most effective association of atheists and agnostics took this case after citizens expressed feeling that their cases were affected by the response or lack of response to the prayer.

First Liberty Institute, a legal nonprofit that advocates for religious freedom rights, is defending Judge Mack and said in a recent statement, “Judge Mack is following a long tradition of opening courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, with a ceremonial invocation. We disagree with the court’s decision, and we look forward to appealing this decision to the Fifth Circuit.”

Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council commented that they are saddened by this court’s ruling but grateful for organizations like First Liberty Institute that aggressively defend religious freedom: “Our nation was founded on biblical principles and prayer. A court ruling in favor of removing something as foundational and traditional as the opening court in prayer is disappointing. When God is involved in every piece of our lives — personally, professionally, and collectively — we thrive both as individuals and as a nation.”

Read more HERE.

Image courtesy of First Liberty Institute.

The Slippery Slope: How Legalizing Gay Marriage Opens the Door to Polygamy

What is the price of legalizing gay marriage?

This is exactly what Rod Dreher of The American Conservative addressed in a recent article. “[I recently spoke with a Hungarian] who endorsed gay marriage, but said transgenderism and gender fluidity was not something he could endorse. This man really does believe that his country can accept one without accepting the other. I suppose in theory you could, but come on. It has been only six years since Obergefell, and nobody has yet found the ability to say, ‘This far, but no further.’”

Dreher quoted Stanley Kurtz who said that legalizing gay marriage would open the door to polyamory and polygamy. Dreher went on to share examples from our culture validating what Kurtz said: “[Today we] have the biggest department store chain in America doing its part to normalize polygamy as the next step in Love Wins™. And so … is the popular Nickelodeon show for preschoolers, Blue’s Clues — which, in this Pride Month video, features an animated drag queen singing a tribute to polymorphous perversity, and encouraging children to sing along too.”

While this is heartbreaking news, as Christians, it should not surprise us. Whenever we step away from the biblical model of marriage, family and life there is no end to changing and re-writing the rules of morality and right-living. May this encourage us to intentionally and diligently teach our children what God says about marriage, family and life, and continually remind them that God’s way is the best way.

Read more HERE.

In a related matter, this week Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued two Executive Orders advancing and promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda. One order authorizes the “pride” flag to be flown over the state capitol and other state buildings. This is the third year the Governor has issued this order. The second order prohibits state agencies from using gender-specific words and pronouns, including “gendered family relations.”

One glaring effect of this second order is that terms such as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew would not be allowed. This action undermines God’s design for marriage and family and once again weakens the foundational institution of our state.  Citizens can email the governor HERE or reach his office by phone at 608-266-1212. Most importantly, WFA urges concerned citizens to remember these actions when it comes time to vote for the next governor in November 2022.

Celebrating God’s plan for fathers is crucial if we want to see more men step into their God-given role in their home and community. At Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council we intend to lead the way in celebrating fathers.

For the month of June, we’re on a mission to raise $12,500 in honor of dads. This funding will empower us to launch another 10 community events helping dads and moms understand the impact and influence they can have in their own communities by getting involved with their local government.

These events equip and empower parents to defend the values they hold dear like preventing schools from teaching Critical Race Theory, protecting election integrity and ensuring the power of all legitimate voices at the ballot box, and preserving religious freedom at the local level for this generation and the generations to come. In our opinion, that’s all “manly”!

Financially supporting these events in honor of your father is believing in, investing in, and furthering not only the strength of fathers but also all that God has called them to be.

Let’s celebrate our fathers. Will you join us?

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