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LEAD Wisconsin Has Gone Virtual!

A summer camp for teens
A ministry & program of
Wisconsin Family Council

Who:  Teens,13-19
NEW! VIRTUAL Registration Fee: $100
Week 1: June 21-26 | Week 2: July 12-17 | Week 3: July 26-31

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Responding to the Transgender Issue:
Parent Resource Guide

This resource is fully researched and documented, defines terms,
explains the issue thoroughly and gives parents practical ways
to address the issue with their children and especially in schools.
A free pdf of the publication is available HERE.
Call our WFC office at 888-378-7395 to obtain a print copy for a suggested donation of $5.

It is the mission of Wisconsin Family Action to advance Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and
promoting marriage, family, life and religious freedom. Our vision is a Wisconsin where God is honored, families thrive, human life is cherished
and religious freedom flourishes.

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Because of our desire to serve and help families, our ministry is making resources available that can be useful in creating a wise giving plan.
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Wisconsin’s Cultural Indicators 2019

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Wisconsin’s Cultural Indicators, 2019 Edition
is now available online HERE or
by contacting our office
at 608-268-5074.
Get To Know Your Elected Officials

Wisconsin’s 2019-2020
Legislative Directory
Now available for download
Click Here to find out who your state and federal legislators are, along with their contact information.

Establish a relationship; let them know you are informed, interested, and involved. PRAY for your elected officials!  (I Tim. 2:1-4)




Your vote matters. It really matters.

In America, voting is our opportunity and our obligation, our duty and our privilege. Join with thousands of Wisconsin citizens who are committing to make a difference by voting in this fall’s elections. Be part of the solution!

Pledge, right here and now, to committing your voice, your choice, your values by ballot in the upcoming elections!

The Importance of Freedom vs. Dangers of Socialism
“You know, it’s not so much whether America will be
more conservative or more liberal,
more Republican or Democrat, more red or blue.
It’s whether America remains America.” ~Vice President Mike Pence 

Last Friday, July 17, Vice President Pence gave a great speech at Ripon College in Wisconsin on the importance of defending freedom and the dangers of socialism. Here are a few highlights:
“We have to fight for our freedom again.  President Ronald Reagan was right in his time.  And I promise you: That fighter in the White House will never stop fighting for freedom.  President Donald Trump will continue to fight for the freedom of every American, and so we must fight with him.”

“My fellow Americans, that’s the choice we face.  We have two paths before us: one of freedom and opportunity, the other of socialism and decline.  We can either be true to ourselves and what’s made this nation a beacon of hope for all the world, or we can become like the very places that many of our ancestors fled and that many still flee to come here.”

“This is a freedom-loving nation, and it’s also a nation of faith.  And it’s on that hope I stand as well.  The Bible says, ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.’  And so millions of Americans believe, as I do, that when we stand up for the God-given freedoms of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the freedoms won and defended throughout our nation’s history, we make his work on this Earth our own, and that means freedom always wins.”

Watch the video of Vice President Pence’s speech HERE; read the transcript HERE.

Mask Mandate—Or No?

In the wake of the state supreme court decision revoking the state’s Department of Health Services’ broad authority to extend a health emergency and to issue related regulations statewide, local municipalities have been wrestling with what authority they have to invoke rules or even guidelines related to COVID-19. Some municipalities, such as Dane County and the  City of Milwaukee, have issued orders requiring face masks in all public places and in some instances even in private homes. Counties have been considering putting in place essentially the same requirements and restrictions that the Department of Health Services had prior to the court decision.

Julaine Appling, WFA president, says, “The most important advice we can give regarding what’s happening with local government is that citizens need to be informed and involved. Contact local officials. Find out what they are considering as well as the timeline. Determine your position on what’s happening, and then contact others and plan a course of action to either support or oppose. Seek legal advice if necessary.”

Green Bay Next in Line For So-Called “Equality” Ordinance

Green Bay is the next Wisconsin community considering what some call an “equality” ordinance. The proposal, which has mayoral support, would add gender identity, gender expression and gender non-conformity, transgender and sexual orientation to the protected classes in the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance and would provide special rights and protections for these classes as it relates to housing, employment and public accommodations. Public accommodations is broadly defined to include most businesses and even churches and religious organizations, although there is a religious exemption included in the proposal. READ MORE HERE

This is not good for Green Bay. It’s essentially what has passed in several communities in the last couple of years. The religious exemption is not solid. But beyond that, Christian business owners would be forced to allow men claiming to be women access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms, putting women at risk and trouncing on the business owners’ religious freedom and conscience rights.

1. Pray about this situation. Pray for Green Bay’s mayor, alderpersons and other city leaders.
2. Contact your city alderman/alderwoman and Mayor Eric Genrich and give them your opinion on this matter.
3. Attend  Common Council meetings. Stay aware of what is happening in your community.
4. If you live in the City of Green Bay, share this information far and wide with neighbors, friends, family and church leadership.
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 To Formally School or Not To Formally School, THAT Is the Question 

In a recent “Wisconsin Family Connection” radio program, WFC president Julaine Appling says, “How K-12 schools will operate this fall in The Badger State is anything but certain.  But this we know: collective formal education will happen, whether virtual, in person, or as a combination of the two. Culturally and financially—at least from the government schools’ perspective—we are way too far down the road to hope that everyone would or could homeschool.

“I will say I am concerned about how private schools are being dealt with regarding the pronouncements from the State Department of Health and the Department of Public Instruction. Private schools aren’t really any different from privately owned businesses, which have been given a great deal of freedom regarding whether they open and if masks are required. Unfortunately, state law and even the recent State Supreme Court decision don’t seem to give that same freedom to private schools of any sort.

“So, no matter how the instruction happens—whether virtually or in a physical classroom—what can parents anticipate their children will learn in our state’s government-operated, government-controlled, citizen-funded public schools?”

Read the transcript of the program HERE or listen HERE.

Learn more about school choice offerings in Wisconsin HERE.



WEEKLY RADIO COMMENTARY. “WISCONSIN FAMILY CONNECTION” –  Airing this week on over 20 stations statewide. Listen to this week’s Wisconsin Family Connection, “Make the Choice With Eyes Wide Open” HERE. Read the transcript of this week’s commentary HERESubscribe to our podcasts HERE! 

Week of July 6, 2020 – “Every American Should See It

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Julaine Appling, WFC president, is a regular guest (one Monday per month) on VCY America’s TV 30 “InFocus” live, call-in program with Jim Schneider which airs on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (Sept. through May). Livestream InFocus HERE. Click HERE to watch archived episodes until September 2020 when we resume our regular programming schedule. See you in the fall!

Julaine Appling is a regular guest on Q90’s “Stand Up for the Truth” program (9-10 a.m., M-F). CLICK HERE to listen to Julaine on this month’s (aired July 14) “Stand Up for the Truth” program on Q90fm, hosted by David Fiorazo.

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