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Thursday, July 23, 2020 – Racine
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LEAD Wisconsin Has Gone Virtual!

A summer camp for teens
A ministry & program of
Wisconsin Family Council

Who:  Teens,13-19
NEW! VIRTUAL Registration Fee: $100
Week 1: June 21-26 | Week 2: July 12-17 | Week 3: July 26-31

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Responding to the Transgender Issue:

Parent Resource Guide

This resource is fully researched and documented, defines terms,
explains the issue thoroughly and gives parents practical ways
to address the issue with their children and especially in schools.
A free pdf of the publication is available HERE.
Call our WFC office at 888-378-7395 to obtain a print copy for a suggested donation of $5.
It is the mission of Wisconsin Family Action to advance Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and
promoting marriage, family, life and religious liberty. Our vision is a Wisconsin where God is honored, families thrive, human life is cherished
and religious freedom flourishes.

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Because of our desire to serve and help families, our ministry is making resources available that can be useful in creating a wise giving plan.
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Wisconsin’s Cultural Indicators 2019

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Wisconsin’s Cultural Indicators, 2019 Edition
is now available online HERE or
by contacting our office
at 608-268-5074.
Get To Know Your Elected Officials

Wisconsin’s 2019-2020
Legislative Directory
Now available for download
Click HEREto find out who your state and federal legislators are, along with their contact information.

Establish a relationship; let them know you are informed, interested, and involved. PRAY for your elected officials!  (I Tim. 2:1-4)


No Excuses—Commit to Vote!
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ELECTION DAY 2020 is coming! There’s so much at stake for our country in November. We can’t afford to go backward—and by promising to vote and then making sure you do you are taking an important step in making sure we can continue moving forward. CLICK HERE NOW to solidify your commitment to VOTE on November 3, 2020. Then be a friend and share this pledge with your family, friends, neighbors, church leadership and community! Join with thousands of Wisconsin citizens in pledging to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

President Trump Was Right

From LifeSiteNews:
“The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw the United States from the corrupt, ineffective, pro-China World Health Organization (WHO) has angered a lot of people at home and abroad … not because it will negatively impact global health but because it’ll negatively impact the agendas and bottom lines of various groups that have been exploiting the guise of ‘health services.’

“And nobody has worn that disguise more effectively than the abortion industry, whose allies go all the way to the top of the global health establishment.” 

“Another Trojan Horse for abortion promotion is now exposed and hopefully defunded,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president. “That’s good news for any pro-life American who hates seeing their hard-earned tax dollars go to support this heinous activity. This is definitely a positive by-product of President Trump’s disgust at how WHO has handled the coronavirus situation from the start and his willingness to take decisive action.”

Wisconsin Family Action PAC has endorsed President Trump for the 2020 Presidential Election.  Read the endorsement HERE

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Transgenderism Is Destroying a Generation of Young Women DID YOU KNOW…

That a study looked at “rates of transgender identifications in adolescent girls and found that the prevalence of transgenderism was 70x higher in friend groups as compared with the expected prevalence”? 
That “the spread of transgenderism among adolescent girls is truly a social contagion and not a medical or mental health issue”?
That “[s]chools are indoctrinating kids with transgender ideology from a very young age”?

Julaine Appling, WFA president, says, “The transgender craze is targeting and harming our young girls, but it’s also harming women in general. Laws and policies allowing biological men claiming to be women in places that should be safe and private, such as women’s restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms and even homeless shelters, put women at a very real risk for trauma and even bodily harm.”
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 O Say, Do You Know Fisher Ames?

In this month when we celebrate our nation’s independence, it’s fitting to look at some of our founders and their contributions to our nation. Fisher Ames (pictured left), a lesser-known founder, attended Harvard at age twelve, graduated at age sixteen and became a lawyer by age twenty-three.  He represented Massachusetts at the Constitutional convention in 1787 and is considered by many to be the author of the First Amendment, the amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Ames believed the Bible should be the principal text in public schools.

At a time when our national history and heritage are under siege, it is important that we keep the truth of our founding and of our founders alive. We should thank God for Fisher Ames and for his part in securing our religious freedom. In addition, we should share with young people these wonderful nuggets about the people who gave us this Republic. By doing so we help preserve our history and heritage. 
Check out these great resources for our nation’s history and religious freedom HERE and HERE.



WEEKLY RADIO COMMENTARY. “WISCONSIN FAMILY CONNECTION” –  Airing this week on over 20 stations statewide. Listen to this week’s Wisconsin Family Connection, “Making the Choice With Eyes Wide-Open HERE. Read the transcript of this week’s commentary HERESubscribe to our podcasts HERE! 

Week of July 6, 2020 – 
Every American Should See It
Week of June 29, 2020 – Perpetuating Bad Decisions“How sad that our attorney general wants to keep private schools from getting funds meant to help educational institutions during this virus. Private schools in our state are a great asset in the educational options for parents. These schools—both those that take voucher students and those who that don’t—save taxpayers money. If the courts agree, it will be the parents who send kids to these schools who will be the losers.
Week of June 22, 2020 – Judicial Activism: Figment or Fact?

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Julaine Appling, WFC president, is a regular guest (one Monday per month) on VCY America’s TV 30 “InFocus” live, call-in program with Jim Schneider which airs on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (Sept. through May). Livestream InFocus HERE. Click HERE to watch archived episodes until September 2020 when we resume our regular programming schedule. See you in the fall!

Julaine Appling is a regular guest on Q90’s “Stand Up for the Truth” program (9-10 a.m., M-F). CLICK HERE to listen to Julaine on this week’s “Stand Up for the Truth” program on Q90fm, hosted by David Fiorazo, “Courts, Cancel Culture, and Coronavirus Mandates.” 

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