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Monday, September 6, 2021

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AT THE CAPITOL: Julaine Appling Testifies on Legislation
Our God-given Solution to Poverty
The Difference Good Judges Can Make
Election Integrity Investigation in Wisconsin Continues

AT THE CAPITOL: Julaine Appling Testifies on Legislation

Today, Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling testified in two public hearings on 3 bills. AB 411/SB 411 would prohibit the teaching of CRT in public schools, AB 414 would prohibit CRT training sessions for state and local employees, and AB 488/SB 463 would require school districts to post on the home page of their internet sites the curriculum and instructional materials being used in the classrooms. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to have a voice in our government and take the responsibility seriously.

These public hearings stood out specifically because exactly a week ago at LEAD Wisconsin our campers held their own public hearings where lobbyists advocated or opposed legislation we had been discussing at camp. We look forward to many more years of equipping youth to become effective godly leaders who engage their culture from a Biblical perspective — and maybe one day witnessing a few of them engage their legislators at a public hearing! (The picture at left is Julaine giving opening remarks at our legislative & camper meet & greet after the hearings last Wednesday. We were in the Assembly Parlor.)

You can watch Julaine’s testimony at with a subscription HERE (Julaine speaks at 1:25:45) and HERE (Julaine speaks at 2:31:07). 

Our God-given Solution to Poverty

Representative Gary Hebl recently sent out a press release saying state Democrats are taking positive action to “pull people out of poverty,” while the Republicans are blocking their efforts. Their ideas include more government subsidies and especially raising the minimum wage. Hebl argues the US Constitution’s statement that one of its purposes is to “promote the general welfare” demands government take responsibility for seeing that the citizens are “lift[ed] out of poverty,” especially during a year that has had so many unique challenges.

Julaine Appling responded to this by pointing out a better, God-given, solution to poverty: “This lawmaker may be well-intentioned, but he is misguided about the Constitution and the solutions to poverty. The very best antidote to poverty isn’t raising the minimum wage; it’s marriage. Broken families and unwed mothers and children are statistically almost certain to be in poverty. To truly lift people out of poverty, we need to champion and incentivize marriage.”

The Difference Good Judges Can Make

“[This past] Monday, a federal judge handed religious liberty advocates a major win by ruling that the Biden administration cannot force Christian doctors and religious hospitals to perform abortions or gender transition procedures under Obamacare,” reported Michael Foust for Christian Headlines earlier this week.

Julaine Appling celebrated this victory reminding us good judges are important: “This decision is certainly encouraging. It’s a reminder that good judges make a difference and that when personal agendas are set aside and the rule of law prevails, religious freedom does not always lose. Religious freedom must extend to medical personnel and to religiously-based hospitals or we are unconstitutionally redefining this foundational freedom, our first freedom.”

Read more HERE.

Election Integrity Investigation in Wisconsin Continues

Earlier this week M.D. Kittle for Empower Wisconsin reported that, “State. Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) has announced the issuance of subpoenas for election materials from Milwaukee and Brown counties as the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee continues its ‘top-to-bottom investigation’ of November’s election….Brandtjen said many constituents have raised objections to the audit’s duration ‘and the lack of specifics, as it is open-ended.'”

The article continued explaining that, “Democrats have blasted the investigations as nothing more than taxpayer-funded probes into right-wing conspiracy theories. But concerns about third-party groups — funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg —  infiltrating election offices in Wisconsin’s largest, Democrat-heavy cities have only intensified.”

Julaine Appling commented, “Some Wisconsin elected officials seem to miss the point that what voters want is to be sure their legitimate votes count and fraudulent votes don’t count. That means no stone should be left unturned in this investigation of last November’s election. Officials need to do whatever is necessary to restore at least a semblance of election integrity and voter confidence.”

We are grateful for legislators like Representative Brandtjen who advocate for and stand up for the desires and rights of the people.

Read more HERE.


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