Question about votingTake the guesswork out of voting on Tuesday, November 4.
YOUR Personalized 2014 Voter Guide Is Now READY!
Wisconsin Family Action is pleased to offer your best voting resource for the Wisconsin General Election in November – the WFA Voter Guide – now available online at, your “go-to” site for non-partisan information on Wisconsin candidates.
“Very liberal” to “very conservative” – How do your candidates rate?
WFA’s voter guide provides evaluations of the candidates on your ballot, along with the background information you need to make an informed vote. Vote ratings, endorsements, candidate statements on the issues, and more are available for you to review.
How does your personalized 2014 Voter Guide work?
click here.jpgYou can access the Voter Guide at
Simply log in, enter your address, and the WFA Voter Guide will do the rest!
How can you help others vote their values on November 4 in Wisconsin?
  • Share this link with friends and family.
  • Print your guide and take it to the polls.
  • Vote pro-family values!
Wisconsin Family Action stands ready and available to assist you during election time.  If you have any questions, need assistance, or would like an individual print version of the 2014 Voter Guide, contact our office direct at 608-268-5074.
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