Governor Walker’s work on behalf of Wisconsin’s families warrants another term

Governor Scott WalkerMadison— Today Wisconsin Family Action PAC announced its endorsement of Scott Walker for Wisconsin governor. Julaine Appling, WFA PAC director, commented:
“Time and again over the last four years, Scott Walker has shown that he understands that Wisconsin’s best resource is her married dad-and-mom families. When these families are strong and independent, Wisconsin is strong. 

“Act 10 helped prepare the way for local municipalities and school districts to both save money immediately and manage their finances better in the future. Such wise local governance in turn allows budget savings to be passed on to members of the community, which allows families to keep more of their hard-earned money. Keeping more of their money means families can invest more, put money into a college fund, take advantage of educational options, buy their dream home, keep the family cabin, and importantly, increases the likelihood of their remaining independent rather than becoming dependent on government programs.

“Other initiatives focused on creating a better jobs climate and overall economic position for our state by reducing regulations and lowering taxes. Those in turn enabled dads and moms to keep their family-owned businesses and farms, to hire more employees and thereby help other families. Reducing property taxes also directly strengthens families and helps them become or remain independent of government.

“Governor Walker has also promoted and expanded school choice so that our state’s dads and moms have more options in the partners they choose for their children’s education. In addition, he approved a budget provision that gives parents who are sending their children to private schools a very modest but helpful tax deduction related to tuition expenses. The Governor also signed laws that protect women and their health and give them more critical information as they consider an abortion. He recently upheld the law of Wisconsin and the will of the people by actively defending the Marriage Protection Amendment passed by nearly 60% of the voters in 2006.

“We believe Governor Walker has not only earned our endorsement but more importantly has earned the right for another term as Wisconsin’s governor. There’s more work  to be done in order to ensure that Wisconsin’s best resource is strong and independent for years to come.”

>>>>>Read full press release HERE.

>>>>>Read Governor Walker’s letter to Wisconsin Family Action HERE.

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