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Elections are GREAT Opportunities for Families

With an important election just 5 days away, Wisconsin Family Action/Wisconsin Family Council offers families some last-minute ideas for what they can do to make a difference. Ideas include campaigning together this weekend as a family for a candidate they support—knock on doors, hand out literature, make phone calls. Have older kids call through the church directory and simply remind everyone to vote on Tuesday. Make homemade yard signs and put them in the yard reminding people to vote. Julaine Appling says, families really can have an impact on this election.

Julaine Appling, president of WFA/WFC states, “Elections are a great opportunity for families to instill in their children an appreciation for and an excitement about elections in this great republic. They should sense from their parents that voting is an important responsibility and that every vote matters. Doing election related activities together builds memories and really can make a difference in an election.”

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