Gov. Scott Walker’s family commission is calling for a series of state law and policy changes to alleviate poverty by strengthening families.

The Future of the Family Commission on Thursday recommended the state expand taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools, offer marriage tax credits, increase access to quality child care, and teach financial and family planning skills in school and parenting and relationship skills in prison.

The commission also suggested that Wisconsin schools employ and promote the “Success Sequence,” an idea promoted by the conservative Heritage Foundation that emphasizes graduating from high school, getting a job, and turning 21 and getting married before having children.

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WFA_logoWFA President Julaine Appling responds, “We certainly echo the commission’s recommendations on marriage. Strong families start with strong marriages. Using this report in tandem with our Wisconsin Family Prosperity Index charts a clear path for strengthening Wisconsin’s best natural resource—her families. With the governor’s backing, I trust the state legislature will make strengthening families a high priority this session. “

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