On Saturday, April 15, a giraffe calf was born and the nation rejoiced.

My husband and I had been following April the giraffe (Animal Adventure Park in NY) via live webcam for over two months as she progressed through her pregnancy, and we were delighted to awaken to the labor and delivery event this past Saturday morning.

The birthing process is miraculous, and the animal birthing process is no exception. It is astounding how God reveals Himself through the natural and unimaginable. Witnessing birth, even an animal birth, is exciting!.

When giraffes give birth, the front hooves appear, which dangle for a lengthy period of time, followed by the tiny head. This also hangs precariously above the ground before the mother giraffe can push the remainder of the body out. The baby drops 6 feet to the ground and is standing within 30 minutes! Astounding!

At the point during the delivery where this baby giraffe’s hooves were “dangling,” I said to my husband, “It’s at this time in a partial birth abortion that a baby would die. I wonder what would happen if, at this point in this birth, the vet would enter the pen, take a pair of scissors and jam them into the baby giraffe’s skull and then open the scissors to enlarge the hole. The vet would then remove the scissors and insert a suction catheter so the baby giraffe’s brain is sucked out. The vet would then proceed to remove the dead baby giraffe.”

My husband looked at me in horror. Why would I even think such a thing?

As the whole world watches, the baby giraffe loses its life through a gruesome act, which the media would most certainly deem as “an act of violence.” Imagine the outcry. The watching world would have been horrified.  Animal Adventure Park would most likely be facing picketers, email threats, extremely negative publicity, lawsuits and the like.

But just replace the giraffe with a baby.

Who would kill a baby giraffe that was conceived and in the process of arrival while in the safety net of a national zoo? We suspect there is no-one who could be named.

Who would kill a human baby after it was conceived and in the process of being born? Abortionists and their supporting so-called women’s health centers, such as Planned Parenthood

Yet the cry for legalizing partial-birth abortion continues.

The silence is deafening.

Submitted by a friend of WIsconsin Famiiy Action
Photo credit: Toronto Sun

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