WFA Intern Plans More Involvement In Government

This year for the first time, I received something amazing: voter mail.

Having finally reached legal voting age, and inspired by the attention devoted to me as a possible voting citizen, I took the opportunity and voted in my local spring election. As the daughter of a County Board Supervisor, I thought I understood politics and the need for involvement.

However, during my incredible opportunity to be an intern at Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), I have learned so much more. Meeting representatives, hearing testimonies before a committee, and watching the state Senate debate has given me the real-life experience that will forever change my perspective as a citizen.

Some lessons from my experience:

First, Christians are involved in Wisconsin government—Christians who strive to honor God through every decision they make. Some of the most devoted ones are here at WFA. These workers are tireless in their fighting for godly and biblical principles in our laws.

Second, much work happens before we may ever hear about something political in the news. From meetings with legislators, to discussions with drafters while writing a bill, to committee meetings, much work is done behind the scenes by the elected officials and groups such as ours in order to pass any sort of legislation.

Third, I need to stay informed. Simply catching up on what my elected officials are doing around voting time is not enough. In order to be a truly informed citizen, I need to pay attention to what goes on at the Capitol on a daily basis. Instead of simply hearing after the fact that a certain law will affect me, I must find out before so that I can make a difference.

Fourth, I have learned the power of persuasion. This may seem an odd observation, but I have seen it in action. Whether in a closed door meeting or during a committee hearing that is open to the public, informed, persuasive speaking is imperative.

For these reasons and more, I will plan on being more involved in government even after I have finished my internship. I am incredibly thankful to WFA for this experience. Now I not only know how to prepare for mailing hundreds of flyers for voters by myself, but, more importantly, my involvement in and views about my government have been strengthened and changed forever.

WISCONSIN: How do your candidates rate? Here’s how to find out!

After hundreds of hours of careful research and evaluation by WFA staff and volunteers from across Wisconsin, WFA’s extensive Online Voter Guide is ready and available!

WFA VG SCREENSHOTS2WFA’s Voter Guide provides evaluations of the candidates on your ballot, along with the background information you need to make an informed decision when you cast your vote.  The candidates are rated on a scale of “Very Liberal to “Very Conservative” making it easy for people to get a general idea before voting.

Vote ratings, endorsements, candidate statements on the issues, and more are available for you to review – all in ONE CONVENIENT PLACE!

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You can access the November 2-14 WFA Voter Guide directly by clicking HERE!


  1. Please share this link with your friends and family so that they, too, can acess this very useful voter information resource.
  2. Download copies of WFA’s Voter Guide for other voters in your district, then hand them out!
  3. Sign up for our weekly Family E-Connection HERE for updates, information and news you can use on issues that are important to you!
  4. Call our office at 608-268-5074 for questions or assistance.  WFA stands ready to help you during election season, and every day!

EARLY In-Person Voting in Wisconsin Begins MONDAY 10/20

Box_VoterGuide_2014Can’t get to the polls on November 4 for Wisconsin’s General Election?


Simply drop in at your nearest clerk’s office and vote during regular business hours from

Monday, October 20 through Friday, October 31.


***Click HERE for your PERSONALIZED Statewide VOTER GUIDE!***

Click HERE for more information about early in-person (absentee) voting and where to vote.

7th Circuit Court Upholds Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law

UPDATE 10/14/2014:

In an unexpected move late Thursday, October 9, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Wisconsin Voter ID law.  For more information on Governor Walker’s response and how Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen plans to take action, read more HERE.

From Fox6Now:

A federal appeals court has ruled that Wisconsin’s requirement for voters to show photo identification at the polls is constitutional.

The ruling Monday, October 6th from a three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is not surprising given that the court last month lifted an injunction blocking enforcement of the law hours after hearing arguments in the case.

Read more HERE.



Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling applauds the decision, “The integrity of the ballot box is critical to the maintenance of liberty in our republic. Taking appropriate, constitutional measures to safeguard our elections is the least we can do to ensure that everyone’s vote counts. If citizens don’t have the required photo ID, it’s time to get that before the November 4 election. has great information about this matter.”

Wisconsin Voter Guide NOW AVAILABLE

Question about votingTake the guesswork out of voting on Tuesday, November 4.
YOUR Personalized 2014 Voter Guide Is Now READY!
Wisconsin Family Action is pleased to offer your best voting resource for the Wisconsin General Election in November – the WFA Voter Guide – now available online at, your “go-to” site for non-partisan information on Wisconsin candidates.
“Very liberal” to “very conservative” – How do your candidates rate?
WFA’s voter guide provides evaluations of the candidates on your ballot, along with the background information you need to make an informed vote. Vote ratings, endorsements, candidate statements on the issues, and more are available for you to review.
How does your personalized 2014 Voter Guide work?
click here.jpgYou can access the Voter Guide at
Simply log in, enter your address, and the WFA Voter Guide will do the rest!
How can you help others vote their values on November 4 in Wisconsin?
  • Share this link with friends and family.
  • Print your guide and take it to the polls.
  • Vote pro-family values!
Wisconsin Family Action stands ready and available to assist you during election time.  If you have any questions, need assistance, or would like an individual print version of the 2014 Voter Guide, contact our office direct at 608-268-5074.
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