Wisconsin Family Council
Sign the Pledge to Pray for Marriage HERE!

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)
Learn more about the SCOTUS Marriage Decision

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about same-sex “marriage”

Symposium: Cert. grant signals promising vehicle to affirm marriage

American Family Association (AFA)
AFA sends message to SCOTUS: Uphold Marriage, Don’t Undermine It

Family Research Council (FRC)
Marriage and Family Resources

Focus on the Family (FOTF)

Liberty Counsel
Why Two Mommies Cannot Replace Daddy

Marriage Solidarity Statement

The Heritage Foundation
Memo to Supreme Court: State Marriage Laws Are Constitutional

What you NEED TO KNOW about marriage and the Supreme Court

Protecting the Institution of Marriage

Daily Signal: Forcing states to recognize gay marriage could increase number of abortions

Robison, James for Charisma News
Faith leaders address Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Threat

Thomas More Law Center
TMLC Files SCOTUS brief defending marriage between one man and one woman

The Witherspoon Institute
Redefining marriage would put kids of heterosexuals at risk

PS, Justice Kennedy: Same-sex marriage isn’t good for kids

 Majority of Americans Support Traditional Marriage


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