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Signs of Christmas at the Wisconsin State Capitol

This week we were fortunate enough to be at our state capitol at the very same time of the annual Christmas tree arrival. Below are some photos we captured for those who have never witnessed this event. The tree will be placed in the rotunda in 1-2 weeks and decorated with ornaments made by schoolchildren […]

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Choose Life Wisconsin License Plates Are HERE | VIDEO

Choose Life Wisconsin/Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling received her brand new Choose Life license plates in the mail yesterday. In the video below, she demonstrates how to assemble the plate and shows how the plate looks once it is ready for attaching to your vehicle. To learn more about how to obtain your Choose […]

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Your Voice is Needed at the Wisconsin State Capitol Tomorrow

Where: Wisconsin State Capitol, Room 417 North (GAR Hall) When: 10 AM, Nov. 14th, 2017 Why: Your voice is needed at the State Capitol! Please come to register in support and even testify in favor of AB 550, one of the bills that makes up the Heal Without Harm Legislative Initiative. AB 550, Unborn Child Disposition and Anatomical Gift […]

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Lowering drinking age will feed Wisconsin’s dangerous endemic

From the Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin’s beer-loving reputation would get a boost under a proposal to lower the state’s drinking age to 19. But teenagers shouldn’t reserve those kegs just yet. The bill, circulated Wednesday by three Republican lawmakers including the former president of the Wisconsin Tavern League, has to overcome at least two big hurdles […]

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Abandoned at Birth, Adopted to Life

Written by Stephanie Curry, policy manager for Family Policy Alliance: I was born in L.A. in 1984. The year marked the beginning of the crack cocaine epidemic that would sweep the nation, springing from South Central L.A. The Black community was hit hardest. The “Crack Epidemic” was a major factor in fetal deaths increasing by […]

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November is National Adoption Month

For over two decades, National Adoption Month has been promoted and celebrated every November in communities across the country. Many national, State, and local agencies as well as foster, kinship care, and adoptive family groups will help spread the word through programs, events, and activities that help raise awareness for thousands of children and youth […]

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Wisconsin Bill Could Eliminate Remarriage Waiting Period

Earlier this week the State Assembly Family Law Committee held a hearing on a bill that would completely remove Wisconsin’s decades-old waiting period after a divorce before a remarriage. Currently the waiting period is 6 months from the time a divorce is finalized before remarriage can happen. The bill is authored by Republican Representative Cindi […]

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Dangerous De Pere Ordinance Requires Citizen Input on November 7

An ordinance that has been deemed “anti-discriminatory” has been proposed and is awaiting a vote by the De Pere Common Council on November 7 at 7:30 p.m.. Click HERE to read the earliest public reference to the ordinance. Essentially the proposal adds gender identity and gender expression to the list of protected classes in the […]

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De Pere, you have a problem – and it’s up to you to TAKE ACTION

WHAT: De Pere Common Council Meeting WHEN: Tuesday, November 7 at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: City Hall, Council Chambers, 335 S. Broadway, De Pere, WI HERE’S THE “WHY”: Your De Pere Common Council will be voting on Tuesday, November 7, on an ordinance they declare is “anti-discriminatory” in nature. The ordinance prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and places of […]

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VIDEO | “Choose Life” license plates available in Wisconsin TODAY

CLICK HERE to read more about the “Choose Life” license plates. CLICK HERE to learn how to order YOUR “Choose Life” license plates today! CLICK HERE to download, print and fill out your DMV form to order your “Choose Life” license plates from home.  

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