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September 18 is Anti-Gambling Sunday: Get Download and Info

From the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC): “This week the ERLC released a free, downloadable bulletin insert for use by your church on Anti-Gambling Sunday (September 18). In preparation for the event, here are five facts you should know about problem gambling: 1. Problem gambling is an umbrella term for all gambling behavior patterns that compromise, […]

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September is National Family Meal Month; Worth Every Bite

September is National Family Meal month and this means it’s an opportune time to look at the way we practice meals at home on a daily/weekly basis. What used to be a basic activity is now a seemingly rare occurrence in the busy world of today. Research has shown that participation in a family meal […]

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@WIFamilyCouncil Signs on to Nashville Statement

Sept. 6, 2017 – Madison, WI – Last week, approximately 150 evangelical leaders issued what is being called “The Nashville Statement.” It has been characterized as a “Christian manifesto” on the biblical perspective of human sexuality. It has a preamble and fourteen articles each comprised of an affirmation and corresponding denial about human sexuality. It […]

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President Trump Issues Call for Historic National Day of Prayer Sunday 9/3

A historic call to prayer by President Donald Trump has been issued for Sunday, September 3, 2017. This call to prayer focuses our nation on, “A National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts.“ On Friday, September 1, the White House issued this presidential proclamation: Hurricane […]

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High Schoolers “Potential Clientele” for Planned Parenthood

The Trump Administration is scaling back funding for a sex education program that started in 2010 under President Obama. The 81 pregnancy prevention grantees were supposed to receive $200 million dollars through 2020. but were informed by the Department of Health and Human Services last month that the money would dry up in June of […]

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Monuments Battle Comes to Wisconsin

The Wisconsin State Journal published an article last week in which Madison Mayor Paul Soglin stated, “…the large Confederate memorial at Forest Hill Cemetery is a historical ‘lie’ placed there by a racist organization around 1931 to promote a new form of racism, rather than a monument of the Civil War. Soglin, who last week ordered the removal of […]

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School’s Back! Know Your Religious Freedom Rights

Across the state of Wisconsin, school is back in session for most students. With the return of school comes many challenges for students of all ages. Not the least of these challenges is how Christian students in public schools should stand for what they believe is right. Navigating alone through the world of religious freedom […]

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Don’t Let Smartphones Destroy a Generation: Set the Example

A recent article in Atlantic, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation,” reports that unhappiness, depression and even suicide rates are escalating with heavy digital use by young people ages 5 to 22, in addition to a growing inability to relate to people in reality, not just virtually. Gracy Olmstead writing for the Federalist says parents have […]

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Religious Freedom in WI Having Its Day in Court – WFA Attending

August 1, 2017 – Madison, WI – Today, a Dane County Circuit Court judge is hearing a case involving stopping enforcement of a Madison ordinance and a state law against a photographer because the laws allow government control of her artistic expression. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys represent Amy Lawson, photographer and blogger, owner of Amy […]

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Military transgender rollback is about ensuring our military is fully focused on defending us

On Wednesday, July 26, President Trump took to Twitter to announce a significant change in the military’s policy regarding transgendered individuals. Trump said generals and military experts have advised him that it is not in the best interest of the military for transgendered individuals to be enlisted in any branch of the military and is […]

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