The Wisconsin State Journal published an article last week in which Madison Mayor Paul Soglin stated, “…the large Confederate memorial at Forest Hill Cemetery is a historical ‘lie’ placed there by a racist organization around 1931 to promote a new form of racism, rather than a monument of the Civil War.

Soglin, who last week ordered the removal of a 1981 plaque at the Confederate Rest section of the West Side cemetery, at a press conference Monday outlined three options for the larger stone monument.”

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“The monuments battle has come to Wisconsin,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president, “Madison Mayor Paul Soglin has ordered the removal of two monuments marking an area in Forest Hill Cemetery known as Confederate Rest, where 140 Confederate soldiers are buried. Soglin says any monument or marker that glorifies the South’s position in the war promotes racism and bigotry. One monument is already removed. City Council will decide what to do with the one that remains on which are listed the names of the Confederate soldier buried in this cemetery owned and operated by the City of Madison.

“So, Christian parent, how are you handling this so-called monuments’ battle? What are you telling your children about Charlottesville and racism, Civil War monuments and slavery? I urge you to use this teachable moment and talk to your children about these issues from a biblical perspective. If you don’t, someone else will—and you may not be pleased with how that turns out.”

CLICK HERE to read this week’s Wisconsin Family Connection “Dane County, The Northwest Ordinance & School Year 2017.

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