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Wisconsin's General Election -- November 8th 2022








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Why You Should Vote

Preserve Your Religious Freedom
Continue our right to worship and publicly express our religious beliefs. There is no freedom of religion when we cannot pray or publicly state our religious beliefs, and when faith symbols are removed from government buildings and public property.
Protect Life

Oppose radical “freedom of choice” legislation and ensure that people of faith are not forced to fund abortions with tax dollars. Respect for all human life is lost when the weak and vulnerable do not have the right to life.

Defend Traditional Marriage
Strengthen the family structure by preserving legal marriage between a man and a woman and preventing taxpayer funding for domestic partner benefits.
Secure Parents' Rights
Give parents the broadest educational options available. Children’s best decision makers are their parents, and parents should be empowered by government, not restricted.

Primary Election Analysis

Election #3 of 4 for 2022 is now in the books for Wisconsin. After Tuesday’s fall partisan primary, the November 8 partisan general election ballots are set. Now we have 90 days of hard-hitting, probably almost non-stop political TV, radio, digital, text, phone calls,...

Wisconsin Family Action PAC 2022 Endorsed Candidates

  This list may be added to over the next several weeks as the November 8 election nears. You can find what district you live in here. US House of Representatives Scott Fitzgerald, CD 5 Glenn Grothman, CD 6 Tom Tiffany, CD 7 Attorney General Eric Toney State...

The governor’s endorsements are revealing

This week, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced its endorsement of Governor Evers in his reelection campaign. The press release says the governor “has shown the people…exactly who he is: a champion for women’s health and a leader who will fight to ensure…everyone...