NATIONAL MARRIAGE WEEK USA is this week, February 7-14. It is a campaign to promote the benefits of traditional marriage, increase marriage education nationwide and build more marital success, which reduces poverty and benefits children.

Goals of National Marriage Week USA
  1. To elevate marriage as a national issue in the media and with policy leaders.

  2. To promote the benefits of marriage, that stronger marriages bring economic stability to individuals and to the nation, and provides the best environment for thriving children.

  3. To create a national calendar for existing, trusted marriage classes, conferences and events where people can find the help they need, or reach out to help others.

Julaine Appling, WFA president, shares, “It’s February. Hallmark tells us it’s time to think about love. It’s also when we celebrate National Marriage Week. With that in mind, thinking about what real love is and about God’s design for marriage is important. Young, in-love couples need to know crises will happen to them in their marriage, but true, godly love endures and grows through these crises.”

LEARN MORE about National Marriage Week USA HERE!



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