appleton wiIn a recent Appleton Post-Crescent article, the city’s “Diversity and Inclusion” Coordinator, Kathy Flores, made some statements that did not appear to align with the values of Wisconsin citizens.  In fact, these statements, and the Post-Crescent’s implication that Wisconsin is “shifting views” on the issue of homosexual “marriage” directly oppose what we know to be true – that over 60% of Wisconsin voters, a majority, do not agree with, nor want, so-called “gay marriage” in The Badger State.

Apparently, Flores feels that if homosexuals stay on the “down low” with friends and church members, they can get a foot in the proverbial door to change a vote based on “emotions.”  “Once you get to know somebody as a person,” says Flores, “it’s really hard to go to the voting booth and then want to discriminate against them in basic rights…”  This statement, and others like it, were in response to the “coming out” story of an Appleton woman, Ligia Rivera, who “married” her female partner of 26 years, as reported by the Post-Crescent.  Not surprisingly, Rivera received the majority of her LGBT support from her employer, Kimberly-Clark, who has a history of strong gay and lesbian advocacy in the Appleton and surrounding homosexual communities.  In the past, this has included hosting and promoting events for so-called “gay” minor children.

“The struggle to preserve and protect traditional marriage in Wisconsin is far from over. We need to be on the alert both in our communities and in our churches for the covert infiltration of the homosexual agenda,” says WFA president Julaine Appling, “Anyone who understands the foundational role one-man/one-woman marriage plays in our society or any society must also be able to relate the harms that may happen as a result.  We must not let our guard down in our churches, in our culture, and in our legislation. We must all become knowledgeable, winsome, articulate defenders of marriage if we are serious about safeguarding children and the institution of marriage as the foundation of society.”

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